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Pre-K: Activity Sheets for Children Ages 3-5

Learning Materials for Preschoolers


Help fuel your child's curiosity and desire to learn about the world of bugs with worksheets teaching letter association, color by number, matching, and counting themes. The activity sheets are perfect for daycare, preschool and Pre-K programs.

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Letter Association Worksheets

A is for Ant! Consider downloading our 10 worksheets teaching letter association to preschoolers. Children ages three to five can color the sheets while associating letters with different rodents and bugs like flies, termites and yellowjackets.

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Color by Number Worksheets

Color by number is a kid-friendly art activity ideal for youngsters. In these color by number worksheets, children will follow the color key to color in a ladybug or butterfly.

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Matching Worksheet

Download this bug matching worksheet to help preschool-aged children learn to recognize similarities and differences with certain bugs.

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Counting Worksheets

Download these two counting worksheets to help your child practice their math skills. Preschoolers will be asked to count the number of flies and ants they see on the pages.

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Pre-K Arts & Crafts

Our Critter Crafts are bug arts and crafts activities for children of all ages. Some of the crafts are ideal for preschoolers. Browse them and choose your favorite to create!

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Bug Builder Game

Preschoolers can play our Bug Builder game to create their own ant, cockroach, bee or custom insect. 

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